‘The five star hairdresser’

17 October 2018

Throughout our life we have to make important decisions and in the big scheme of things and without doubt getting your hair cut, coloured or restyled is definitely NOT part of the equation. But to most people how our hair looks plays a big part of our everyday lives. Put simply, if our hair looks good we feel better about ourselves more confident and reassured that we’re making the most of our appearance.

Everyone’s hair is different. There are so many different types of hair texture, fine, medium, course. Hair structure can vary from tight frizz (Afro) to thin poker-straight (European) hair, varying to every degree in-between.

That’s just the beginning! Determining the best length and shape for each individual is an art that can only be mastered with experience. Everyone has an idea of how they would like their hair to look, but in reality there are usually a few limitations and discovering the best shape and style which best suits us can be a difficult journey.

Our face, body shape and personality all need to be taken into account to find the right length and style that best suits us.

Everyones hairline and growth direction will effect their desired finished look. Understanding how to bring all these elements together is paramount to achieving a result that will look right, grow out perfectly and be easy to manage.

Achieving the perfect length and shape – deciding to grow the length – cut a fringe – shape around the front – graduate the hairline – cut short – put texture through the hair or even decide the most appropriate perimeter length, these and many other crucial decisions cannot be taken lightly, as a wrong decision can result in having to wait several weeks or even months for the wrong length or shape to grow out.

David Barron has determined a hairdresser star rating system. Similar to what might find when booking a restaurant. Ranging in status from a 1-3 stars. The starting rating of 1 Barron star would be the equivalent of a hairdresser with a minimum of 4 years salon floor experience who is capable of producing a high level of men’s and women’s haircutting and styling. A Barron 2 star rating would be someone with a minimum of 6 years salon floor experience who has excelled in cutting and styling both men and women’s hair on a consistent level and who is able to determine the most suitable length and style for a variety of different hair types.

A Barron level 3 hairdresser would have a minimum of 10years salon floor experience and be a master in communication and determining the most suitable styling for any client.